Vienna Energy Forum 2017

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The conference. organized in the Hofburg palace in Vienna, welcomed 1650 participants, high rank politicians, ambassadors, civil society, scientist, engineers, mathematicians,...

Although the conference was clearly held by the renewable energy alone, it was a good opportunity for GISOC to enhance its visibility and to make more contacts.

One of the main goal was to get to a closer contact with IIASA responsibles, so that our contribution would be taken care of for the SR1.5C. This was achieved and IIASA proposed that we contribute and work together in view of the IAMC 2017 conference in Rio.

Furthermore, IIASA considers putting us to the Author statute which would enable us to get a better range of data.

It should be noted that during those two days, no mention of carbon capture was made, which is in line with GISOC's approach.